Members of the United States Special Operations team “7th Group” fire their weapons during a rifle qualification event June 17, 2010, outside the Dominican Army’s 1st Infantry Brigade in Santo Domingo. 

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MARSOC JTACs practiced their critical skills and renewed their currencies and qualifications.

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A 2nd Cavalry Regiment, Australian Light Armoured Vehicle provides escort on the streets of Baghdad. May 19, 2004.


Mark’, a dog ammunition carrier, delivers ‘ammo’ to a Bren gun team, Eastern Command, 20 August 1941.

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British soldiers eating hot rations in the Ancre Valley during the Battle of the Somme, October 1916.
(© IWM Photographer - Lt. Ernest Brooks)

The battle of the Ancre Heights of 1 October-11 November 1916 was part of the wider first battle of the Somme. It was fought on the left of the British line of the Somme, with the aim of pinching out a German salient on the Ancre River created by the limited British advances further along the line. The attack was to be launched by the Reserve Army, which held the front on either side of the Ancre.
(Colourisation by Benjamin Thomas from Australia)

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